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亚博全站网页登录版|阿什拉夫VS特奥:皇马人在米兰 最强双飞翼的命运再会
名称:亚博全站网页登录版|阿什拉夫VS特奥:皇马人在米兰 最强双飞翼的命运再会

Human destiny is a wonderful thing. Perhaps your efforts can change something, but the will of heaven in the dark always tells you: Everything else is arranged for you-from Ashraf and Teo, we can clearly feel such a profound truth. The two full-backs from Real Madrid joined the two giants of Milan in different situations and ways, and will take on the heavy responsibility in another Milan derby in a special period. This story itself is full of fate.


Behind the banter of "Real Madrid swill" is the pursuit of their own careers by different players. When the strongest double wings enter a meeting of fate, the plot behind it is more worth exploring. A city, two giants, when young people carry the girders, what kind of fate will the Real Madrid people in Milan enter?


Entered the Real Madrid youth academy at the age of 8, and participated in the World Cup for the first time at the age of 19. For any young man, this is an enviable resume. But for Ashraf, wearing the aura of Real Madrid's youth training is a kind of luck and a challenge. It is no easy task to gain a foothold among the world's top giants.


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In November 1998, Ashraf was born in Getafe on the outskirts of Madrid. His parents came to Spain from Morocco when they were young. They worked everywhere to make ends meet. This made Ashraf’s childhood not rich and could only be with two brothers. Crowded in small huts. Since childhood, football has been Ashraf's best playmate, and becoming a football player has become his biggest dream.


Ashraf’s original position was a center. This sense of smell still exists today. Real Madrid scouts discovered his talent and brought him to the Castilla youth academy, and gradually transformed into a wide player. . Since then, the Moroccan teenager's career has been smooth sailing, being promoted to the first team by Zidane at the age of 18. In his first season into the first team, he won 16 appearances in the competition with two experienced seniors, Carvajal and Nacho.

阿什拉夫原来的位置是中心。这种嗅觉今天仍然存在。皇家马德里的球探发现了他的才华,并把他带到了卡斯蒂利亚青年学院,并逐渐演变成一名广泛的球员。 。从那以后,这位摩洛哥少年的职业生涯一直顺风顺水,他在18岁时被齐达内(Zidane)晋升为一线队。在他进入一线队的第一个赛季中,他与两名经验丰富的前辈卡瓦哈尔和纳乔一起赢得了16场比赛。

The plot later is very clear to people. In order to avoid sitting on the bench, Ashraf was rented out and leveled like many other Real Madrid young players. His destination was "the cradle of superstars" Dortmund. It is in the soil suitable for young people to experience, Ashraf has completely ushered in a transformation. In the 2018/19 season, he played 21 times in the Bundesliga, contributing 2 goals and 4 assists. By last season, the data soared to 5 goals and 10 assists. On par with Liverpool's emperor Arnold.


In the game, Ashraf's position is not fixed. He can play multiple roles such as left midfielder, right midfielder, right back, and left back. Such attributes have allowed Ashraf to be favored by many giants including Bayern and Chelsea in the transfer market. In the end, Inter Milan's attention and ambition for the championship convinced him. The Moroccan Flying Wings who once galloped the Bernabeu and Westfalen , Finally stood in the center of Meazza's stage.


Real Madrid is also a full-back. Special Olympics did not have the dazzling performance of Ashraf at the beginning of his career. In fact, before joining Milan, his career has always been spent in drifting.


In 1997, Special Olympics was born in the French city of Marseille. Like many small French players living in other countries, he joined Atletico Madrid’s youth academy at the age of 10, but most of the time, his performance was not as good as his brother Luca. Hernandez is dazzling. It wasn't until the 2016/17 season that the 20-year-old Special Olympics emerged slightly. He was rented to Alaves and scored a stunning four-seat set goal against Barcelona in the Copa del Rey final.


After ending Alaves' loan career, Special Olympics moved from Atletico Madrid to Real Madrid for 26 million euros. For a 20-year-old player, what awaits him is both an opportunity and a challenge. The competition within the Galaxy is fierce. Special Olympics only scored 13 league appearances in his debut season, with zero goals and assists. This performance allowed Real Madrid to rent him to Real Sociedad for leveling. In the 2018/19 season, he Representing Real Sociedad in La Liga 24 times, scoring 1 goal and sending 2 assists, it can only be regarded as quite satisfactory.


When the brother who also produced Atletico Madrid became famous by breaking Bayern’s historical transfer fee record, the development of Special Olympics, who also became famous as a young age, was not smooth. The performance of renting out for a year failed to impress Real Madrid and the La Liga giants. He chose to sell him and sold it to the well-connected Serie A giant AC Milan at a price of 20 million euros. When the transfer took shape, Special Olympics was called "Real Madrid swill" by fans, and the outside world was quite pessimistic about his prospects.


However, Destiny chose Special Olympics this time. After a brief adaptation at the beginning of last season, the Frenchman became the most stable part of Milan's wing. The data of 6 goals and 3 assists is enough to shine, and he can often have a strong breakthrough. The stunning performance of the dragon and the arrival of Ibrahimovic have thoroughly stimulated the potential of the Rossoneri, and Special Olympics, who regained self-confidence, also ushered in a new life. With the increasing value of Special Olympics in the transfer market, Milan fans cried out "Real Madrid swill, it smells really good."

然而,命运这次选择了特奥会。经过上赛季初的短暂适应之后,这位法国人成为了米兰联队中最稳定的部分。 6个进球和3个助攻的数据足以发光,而且他通常可以有很强的突破。龙的惊人表现和易卜拉欣莫维奇(Ibrahimovic)的到来彻底激发了罗索涅里(Rossoneri)的潜力,重新获得自信的特奥会也带来了新的生活。随着特奥会在转会市场中的价值不断提高,米兰球迷大喊“皇马will割,闻起来真香”。

Today, Special Olympics has become a not-for-sale product and the cornerstone of the Rossoneri. He has already gained 1 goal and 1 assist in just three rounds of the new season. When Real Madrid gave up, who would have thought that the light of Special Olympics would one day even overshadow his brother? God helps those who help themselves, don't bully the young and poor.


Different starting points, different destinies, different experiences, and similar destinations. In the 2017/18 season, two flying wings that turned out to have worked together for the Galaxy Battleship, now they meet again in Milan. Such drama and plot can not help but make people feel the magic of fate.

不同亚博全站网页登录版的起点,不同的命运,不同的经历和相似的目的地。在2017/18赛季,两个飞行翼联手为银河战舰(Galaxy Battleship)合作,现在他们再次在米兰见面。这样的戏剧情节和情节不禁让人感受亚博全站网页登录版到命运的魔力。

After learning that Ashraf had joined Inter Milan, Special Olympics wrote on social media as soon as possible: "We will meet in Serie A in the near future, see you in Derby!" And Ashraf quickly replied. Former partner: "See you then!" and accompanied by emojis representing blinking. In a blink of an eye, the encounters of former teammates will be staged, and the epidemic has made this encounter more variable.


This season, Inter Milan is more inclined to rely on experience to challenge the Juventus crown. The veteran has become an important force in Conte’s tactical board. Ashraf is a viable force worth looking forward to in the Nerazzurri; Milan has completely embarked on another. A path to create the youngest lineup since the 21st century, hoping to fight for a future. The two young wing guards, playing similar roles in teams with completely different styles, cannot help but imagine.


With the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in Serie A again, the upcoming Milan Derby has also suffered considerable impact. In the absence of many teammates, Ashraf and Special Olympics will assume more responsibility. This time, when the fate has the opportunity to face each other, what kind of answers will the two young talents of Real Madrid hand over in the war? We will wait and see.

随着意甲新皇冠疫情的再次爆发,即将到来的米兰德比也遭受了相当大的冲击。在没有亚博全站网页登录版很多队友的情况下,阿什拉夫(Ashraf)和特奥会(Special Olympics)将承担更多责任。这次,当命运有机会面对面时,皇马的两位年轻天才将在战争中交出什么样的答案?我们将拭目以待。

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