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(original voice of old Xiao playing chess in autumn)




   This year's Celebrity Challenge in Japan, the defending celebrity Shiano Toramaru lost two games in a row, and then tried his best to win the game in the third game. The fourth game will have a huge impact on the trend of the seventh round. If Toramaru ties the score, it is likely to come from behind, and if Jingshan can win, he will have three match points.

今年的日本名人挑战赛上,卫冕名人Shiano Toramaru连续输掉两场比赛,然后尽力在第三场比赛中获胜。第四局将对第七轮的走势产生巨大影响。如果Toramaru取得比分,很可能会落后于对手,而如果Jingshan可以赢,他将获得3个比赛分。

   Judging from the first three games, the young Toramaru is not lagging behind in terms of content, and the two-day Ishan event, which has been the number one player in Japan for many years, has more experience. Who can better play their talents in the fourth game?


   Japan 45th Celebrity Challenge 7th round of the fourth round


Hei: Yutai inouyama Challenger


Bai: zhiyehu Wan celebrity

B唉: 职业胡wan celebrity

   black paste 6 and a half eyes


   145 hands in total


   Black mid game win


   Match date: September 29 and 30, 2020


   Place of match: Toba City, Mie Prefecture, Japan


  The man who served as the standing member of the fourth round was the 9th Dan Yasho Hane. He once ended Nie Weiping's 11-game winning streak in the China-Japan arena, and defeated the eighth-game leader Masao Kato to win the first throne. Taisho Hane’s son, Naoki Hane, won two stages of Gosei and two stages of Honinbo, but he was the only one to challenge the celebrity position in 2012, losing 3-4 by Keigo Yamashita.

担任第四轮常任理事国的是第9届Dan Yasho Hane。他曾经结束了聂卫平在中日竞技场上的11连胜,并击败了第八比赛的领导人加藤政雄赢得了第一宝座。大正羽根的儿子直树羽根(Naoki Hane)赢得了歌赛(Gosei)的两个阶段和本人坊(Honinbo)的两个阶段,但他是唯一一位在2012年挑亚博全站网页登录版战名人职位的人,山下圭吾(Keigo Yamashita)输了3-4。

   First Score 1-50


   In the fourth round, it was Jing Shan's turn to take the lead.


The traditional layout of    black 1, 3, and 5 is fresh now, but the subsequent progress is still full of contemporary flavor.


   Black 11 forced the upper side, White 12 took off and guarded the lower right corner first.


   Black 13 entered the high position, and the two began to contact and fight early.


   White 18 can consider taking 19 digging.


   White 20 turned around, and black 21 grew up without dissatisfaction.


   Black 25 eats thick.


   to Black 29 is a relatively open position for Black.


   White 30 pincers, it is better to go to the upper left shoulder and go to the worry-free corner.


   But Toramaru never realized the importance of the shoulder punch. After the bottom left corner was shaped, Bai 40 grabbed the bottom of the field.

但是,Toramaru从未意识到肩拳的重要性。左下角成形后,Bai 40抓住了场地的底部。

   Black 41 is a great fly, Jing Shan has taken the initiative in the overall situation.


   White 42 has to guard against another move, and Black 43 continues to jump. The three pieces above the white chess cannot be swallowed by the whale.


   White 44 is dispatched, when Black 45 pulls, White 46 makes up another hand in the middle abdomen, Toramaru showed a fighting attitude very early.


   Black 1 pulls the first mover, and White 2 follows. Because the outer edge of the black chess is not thick, the conditions for hardly killing the white corner are temporarily not available.


   Black 3 is closed, Jing Shan is preparing to kill the corner.


   White 4, 6 break, black 7 is very tough here.


   Toramaru, who was in a dilemma, took the 1 hour and 41 minutes long test. It was the first day's closing time, and the next hand (the 58th hand) also became the seal. In the first day, Jingshan was 3 hours and 9 minutes, and Toramaru was 4 hours and 28 minutes. Jingshan had the upper hand in the battle and time.


   The battle resumed at 9 a.m. local time on the 30th. Toramaru’s hand was announced, and White 8 was ready to create a trick in the gap.

战斗于当地时间30日上午9点恢复。宣布了托拉马鲁(Toramaru)的手,而怀特8(White 8)准备在差距中创造一个技巧。

   White 12, 14 hit sticky, then 16, 18 cut off, looking forward to confusion.


   Black 23 steadily made up for it, and Jing Shan was ready to take a corner.


   The white 24 is so honestly glued unexpectedly, this hand has to go with the 25th wrench to find the clue, right?


   Black is 25 long. White can't die in the middle of the three sons, but if he escapes, both the right side and the upper side will be implicated, and Toramaru is in a difficult situation.


   White 26 can only jump out. Blacks 27 and 29 will of course break through. It is inevitable to connect to white 32. Black 33 chooses to fly, which puts more pressure on the right.


   White 34 jumped here, and the perilous Toramaru ignored the upper right and the right, looking forward to a counterattack against the black mid-to-left.


   Black 37 retreats, Toramaru ignores the two sons on the left, White 38 grabs the right jump.


   Black 39 simply makes a huge profit first.

Black 39只是首先获得了巨额利润。

   White makes 40 turns, and the situation suddenly changes to a situation where White moves to kill the black dragon. Although Baiqi's hope of slaying the dragon is very small, it can be considered as muddling the water for Tiger Maru, who is at a disadvantage.


  Jingshan's response is very cautious, and Black only needs to work.


  Torumaru can only choose the most ruthless move, white 50 foolish stickers, forcibly broken eyes.


   This hand also put Jing Shan into a long test.


   Black has 1 punch and 7 hits. White's own chess shape is really weak. It is indeed an impossible task to want to eat chess.


   White 12 allowed Black to get through, and then under 18, Torimaru took the posture of an amateur chess player to the end.


   Jingshan is still cautious, black 31 spurs, asking for safe eye.


   White fights from 32 to 36, but is lifted by Black 37, and the shape of White itself is also broken.


  After Jingshan discarded his mid-belly pieces, black made a 45-strike, and the white pieces could no longer be reconnected.


   Toramaru sadly shot.

Toramarusa dly射击。

   This chess game is a bad game for Toramaru. Early on, he fell into a passive position. Although it caused chaos in the later stage, but could not wait for the loopholes in Jingshan, it was a complete defeat.


   As a result, Toramaru failed to equalize the score and fell into a desperate situation of 1 to 3. The prospect of defending the title is already very gloomy. Ioyama Yuta is only one step away from winning the Grand Triple Championship. It seems that the Ioyama era in the Japanese chess world will continue.


  The fifth round of Toramaru’s Last Stand will be held on October 13th and 14th in Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Will there be any miracles?


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